Our Prices


2024.04.01. - 06.30.

07.01. - 08.31.

09.01. - 12.31.

Room for 1:

HUF 19,900 per night

HUF 20,900 per night

HUF 19,900 per night

Room for 2:

HUF 24,900 per night

HUF 25,900 per night

HUF 24,900 per night

Room for 3:

HUF 29,900 per night

HUF 30,900 per night

HUF 29,900 per night

Room for 4:

HUF 34,900 per night

HUF 35,900 per night

HUF 34,900 per night

The prices listed above do NOT include the tourism tax. Tourism tax in the city of Pécs is 400 Ft/person/night. Children under tha age of 18, and students of the University of Pécs with active semester are free from paying tourism tax. 

We can provide two course Half Board service for our guests. Half board is accessible starting from 12pm till 9pm. Please note that our HalfBoard service is only available in case of reservation prior to your arrival.
The package costs

  • HUF 5,500 per night per person until 31.03.2024,
  • HUF 5,900 per night per person from 01.04.

We have limited number of rooms coming with bath tubs, the extre fee of these rooms is HUF 2,000 per night. 

The accomidation for children under 6 years old is free. In case of 2 children under 6 they will be calculated as one person. 

The prices listed above contain:

– TAX (Not tourism tax)
– buffet breakfast 
– cable TV 
– flat screen LCD TV
– anti-allergic bed-linen
– the newes box spring hotel beds
– mini fridge in rooms
– camera secured parking
– air-conditioning

Payment methods:

- Cash
- Credit card
- Bank transfer - the latter only in the case of a written order!

We wish you a pleasant rest!